Recipe Writing Help and Friday’s Class

Hi Folks,

The below link should help you put together a polished-looking presentation of the recipe you to choose to use for Assignment #1. When you turn in Assignment #1 Narrative Recipe Essay, you will attach a copy of your recipe to the front of your 2-page essay. If you compose your recipe using the help of Food Network or some other popular recipe site or cookbook, be sure to include a works cited page (MLA citation for recipes).

Recipe Writing Cheat Sheet

For tomorrow’s class, do remember to bring a copy of your recipe (doesn’t need to be in its polished form, and it can certainly be written), as well as your Food text, which includes the assigned reading (p. 1-6: “Introduction: Recipe Writing”). Remember, the other readings in the schedule are ones I’d like you to do eventually as kind of an FYI, but we will not cover them in tomorrow’s discussion. 🙂


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